H-Energiesystemen B.V.
Masters in Sustainability
About us
30 Years of Engineering Experience
H-Energiesystemen B.V. is dedicated to give a contribution to a natural and sustainable livelihood. The aim is to supply solutions for a total concept in this sector. The company is involved since 1981.

In this website her completely own product windturbines, windparks and her solutions in the area of healthy, natural and environmental houses based onpure wood will be described. Also the company brings systems on solar heating and cooling. Beside this hydro power is a main topic. Water is the important source for mankind. The natural solutions are her sewage systemsbased on the purification power of plants. These systems are as well for drinking water as well for polluted water.

Always the starting point for the development of the products of the company is the satisfaction of the human basic needs, based on a non polluting way to create solutions for a sustainable livelihood. This is the base of the philosophyof the company. Only then are the solutions sustainable if they are economical profitable. For the development and advices the company uses her own consulting department ENERGIECONSULT.