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Suntubes: Relax. The sun is shining.
You can feel its heat soaking into your body. It's the glow of solar energy, flooding down from the sky as light and heat. It's the most powerful energy source on earth and it's free.

There are two main types of solar panels. Some convert sunlight into electricity. Other types convert it into heat. Suntubes generate heat, and use that heat to raise the initial temperature of a hot water system.

Simple solar panels for this purpose have been around for many years. The most are glazed flat plate collectors, heating a fluid via absorbers like domestic radiators. The disadvantage of this type is that it also radiates heat. So as the fluid within it gets warmer, it can lose up to 90 % of that energy into the air.

Our solution for direct heat conversion are the suntubes. The suntube is an advanced form of evacuated tube collector. The whole assembly is sealed within an evacuated glass tube. The vacuum virtually eliminates heat losses by convection or conduction. The inside absorption plate is to turn in the correct sun direction.

The suntubes will be supplied in a panel in an array of several tubes. So a simple and fast installation in any direction is possible.

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