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Masters in Sustainability
Water sewage: cleaning and purifying your water source
98,77 % of all water on earth is salty water. So for sweet water is only remaining 1,23 %. Sweet water is available in the pole areas, in the high mountains, in the rivers, in the lakes and in the underground water.

A big part of this sweet water is not suited for drinking water, it is polluted and unusable for consumption. The rest van of this water is for mankind a costly and most valuable good. So the main aim is to save this good for life number one for mankind.

A big contribution is given by our water sewage systems with plants only based on the purification power of nature. We use a purification system with filter systems of plants. Our system is not to compare with earth filtration systems and percolation fields, also not with the often used helophyte fields, these fields are limited active and will pollute itself very fast and are almost not active in low temperatures.

The characteristic of our water sewage systems or purification stations is to express in the following statement: they are equipped with long flat not deep beds, having not any contact with the underground. Also they are effective as well in winter as in summer. No chemicals are involved, pure nature!

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