H-Energiesystemen B.V.
Masters in Sustainability
Windturbines: let the wind blow
H-Energiesystemen B.V. designs, develops, manufactures and erects windturbines and supplies turnkey windparks. Her consulting department advices institutions and industry on the application of power generating systems, especially windturbines, developing windparks in all aspects.

Members of our company have experience since 1973 in windturbine research and manufacturing started in 1981. Prototypes have been tested at the Universities of Twente & Delft and at the Energy Center Nederlands. In the mean time the company has extended her own test facilities.

The experience has stimulated the development of HE-windturbines in two main types. The L-types are turbines for low windy areas, the standard types are turbines with a higher rated power for more windy areas.

Factors that effect the energy output and construction are site, wind situation, users purposes and energy consumption. Our consulting department ENERGIECONSULT has the facilities to investigate all these aspects. The result: a more suitable choice of a windturbine and set up of windpark complete with lay out.

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