H-Energiesystemen B.V.
Masters in Sustainability
Wooden Houses: sustainable buildings, based on 100% nature
Roof, walls, ceilings and floors of the buildings are made out of one material: pure wood. Any form is possible and suitable for houses, offices, workshops, hotels, restaurants, theaters, churches or according to your desires.

The pure wooden construction components are composed out of several wooden layers in several directions. Only these layers are connected by wooden pins. The use of glues, kits and chemical treatments are not allowed!

We use wood of trees from the forests of Europe. These forests we keep in good condition and will always replant the area with new trees to secure the environment.

The simple system results in a building with the best isolation, as well against heat as well cold, the best safety for fire, protection against radiation, fast installation and it is a very strong construction. The price is not higher than a traditional building.

An unique living climate is created. You will feel your self safer, healthier and more comfortable and you will receive more living energy in this kind of buildings!